Engine Fatigue

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The wind whipped, resulting in flushed-red marks across my cheeks.

Freezing, cold air drained the warmth out of my body as howling winds screamed in my face.

Black-leather shoes crunched underneath my feet.

Decaying brown (once green) leaves lay scattered across the field signifying a change of seasons.

The once lush trees transformed into spindly old branches woven together by Mother Nature.

Warm air escaped my frozen lips and instantly turned to mist.

I breathed in sharp, painful gulps of air; which sent a shiver down my spine.

Abruptly, I grabbed my hood and covered my throbbing ears.

My hands were warm enough in my sleeves.

I couldn’t feel my legs. It felt like blood circulation had been cut off.

They were acting abnormaly and moving at their own pace.

Before I knew it we were at school basking in the warmth of the cafeteria.

At the end of twenty minutes, I had come up with two things; a runny nose and one amazing memory to keep.

7:45 am, where barely any cars plague the road.

When the air is fresh enough to breath and the rustling of leaves can be heard over the sound of birds.



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