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One of the powers of social media is that it allows you to be yourself…..or anything else for that matter.

The euphoria of having a platform where your voice can be heard or you can be seen, creates a completely different person to what everyone sees or supposedly knows “offline.”

Emotional Engagement is taught in marketing, so its okay to take a more emotional approach to communications and strategy, especially when using social media channels.

This attitude within marketing is justified simply because, you can’t get the best out of anyone unless you connect with them on an emotional level.

Now, I’m not talking about drama or hyper sensitivity.

What I mean is finding a connection, identifying a common ground, spotting a leveler and using that to form the foundation on which marketing conversations, marketing communications, and marketing engagement can be built.

So, what’s the marketing magic that happens when you switch to emotional engagement?

9 Y’s

  1. You create content that’s meaningful and not abstract.
  2. You make a lasting impression, and your content is bound to be remembered.
  3. You expand your creative vision.
  4. You churn out relevant stuff that’s reusable.
  5. You start to feel, and pick up what’s going on around you.
  6. You awaken from a sense of dullness, boredom and slumber.
  7. You identify your own value and pour it out to others.
  8. Content creation becomes a hobby and not a chore.
  9. You develop a personality and your image flows through every word, sentence, paragraph and campaign.

To sum it up, marketing is a thought process, and if you are ready to revolutionize your marketing, then hook up with emotional engagement.


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