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Your CEO is on Twitter?


Florence Sayers of  CorpComms  wrote an article titled “The Social CEO.”

In it, she questions if the CEO should be social, i.e. have an active presence on social media.

Being a fan of social media – and I’ll fly its flag any day – I do agree that the modern CEO should actively participate.

CEO’s are busy people with a lot to do,  within a limited time frame.

If you don’t like unnecessary words, you’ll find the brevity of Twitter captivating. This is why Twitter should appeal to the modern CEO.

But, shouldn’t something as fragile as a brand’s image or a professional reputation  be handled by the communications team?

Well, letting the CEO take control of certain aspects of corporate communications should be viewed as a window into the organisations mind and personality.

Incorporated into the communications plan with careful guidelines, CEO’s need to be taught, encouraged and released onto the social media scene.

For instance, a tweet from the CEO could provide a voice in times of crisis while acting as a PR tool for reputation management.

Also, since likeability is the chemistry of business, a social reputation for the CEO comes in handy.

Bear in mind though that, real conversations on Twitter go beyond the distribution of content to passive consumers. It can actually strengthen a brand’s image, identity and positioning.

On the flip side, pessimists often ask, “what if tweeting mistakes are made?”

Perhaps this is where the fear lies?

What if the CEO made a mistake and damaged the organisation with a single tweet?

This is the reason why the modern CEO needs a social media guide, a social direction and a social communication plan.

Like Florence Sayers says, “open communication is crucial to being a modern CEO.”

To keep him out would be nothing short of a missed opportunity.

Evaluate: Should Donald Trump tweet from his personal Twitter account? Is his tweet strategy working?


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