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Walt Disney And The Perfect Man Syndrome

When I was a child, my favorite fairy tale was “Sleeping Beauty.” Now, the reason why I liked the tale was simply because sleeping beauty was woken up by Prince Charming.

I remember she pricked her finger on a spindle and fell into a deep sleep and only opened her eyes and came out of it when Prince Charming kissed her.

Well, even though they say Prince Charming doesn’t exist and sleeping beauty woke up, let’s see if we can find the complete man and when we do, perhaps he’ll come riding on horseback.

Are you impressed by Power?

If you find you are drawn to men of power, could these be the reason why:

  • You have  a strong need to feel  protected.
  • Prestige is important to you, and you view position as a self esteem enhancer.
  • Your major need is strength and you look up to people of power to draw strength.
  • You are very ambitious.

Are you overwhelmed by Money?

If you tremble cause you see or smell money in a man’s pocket, perhaps you do so because:

  • You have lived  a deprived life and now this is your chance to make up for it.
  • Money answers all things. So if you have it, you no longer have questions to ask.
  • Financial security is your number one priority.
  • The lifestyle you dream of requires lots of cash.

Are you captivated by Fame?

If the bright lights and the big city appeals to you, could these be responsible:

  • You are hooked on celebrities?
  • You have a thing for the fast life and fast people?
  • A part of you wants to be famous…..and here is an opportunity?
  • You have a large personality, ego, talent, attitude, opinions….. which can only fit the world stage.

Are you moved by Authority?


If  defenders of the law and protectors of the vulnerable  catch your eye, could it be that:

  • Inside you is a frightened child who needs the assurance of a responsible adult?
  • You are naughty by nature and need some discipline?
  • You  lacked a father figure while growing up?
  • They remind you of your father?

Are you interested in a God Seeker?


A man who prays according to the will of God.

A man who fasts to tame his flesh and seek intimacy with God.

A man who reads the bible and does what it says.

A man who connects to heaven.

A man who has the Holy Spirit and is led by him.

A man who sincerely goes to church.

A man who lives the new life in Christ.

A man who has a Godly conscience.

A man who does the works of Christ.

…………….Win your heart?

For all the sleeping beauties out there waiting for “the one”, my question is this, what sort of man can wake you up?


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