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Growing Up in Christ

Studio Portrait Of Five Teenage Friends Standing In Line

Christian Youths need guidance!

Stuck between being a child and an adult, it can be quite confusing and frustrating.

Learning how to handle new responsibilities, coping with different things this new stage throws at you and watching your body change is both frightening and challenging.

Then coupled with parents who give you grief. What the heck!

But hey, remember how much you wanted to grow up quickly?

If you haven’t realised growing up isn’t all it’s cut out to be, here’s a reminder of some privileges you have in your youth, and some home truths.

1. You don’t pay bills– This is the time to work and earn. Lay the foundation of financial independence, save and organise your finances.
2. You have no major responsibilities– Single with no kids…..make the most of your single status by taking steps towards a glorious destiny. Read self development books, see the world, improve yourself.
3. Find God– With your strength and energy, seek and serve God in your youth. Pray about your future, and study God’s word. Achieving a spiritual balance in your youth becomes the habit of a life time.
4.  Achieve Milestones– Graduate, learn to drive, buy a car, go abroad, buy a house or a flat, buy shares and stocks, take that apprenticeship, get the high profile job……the list is endless.
5. Get informed– Educate yourself about what’s going on in the world- listen to the news, read, get acquainted with the world of business, network and build contacts.
6. You still get discounts– As a student, you have access to student discounts in shops and while taking public transport.

7. Learn Management– Take a course if you have to. Learn how to mange your finance using solutions like excel,quickbooks and apps. Likewise, manage your self image and constantly check your personality.
8. Friendships– It’s not about quantity but quality and neither do you have to be a groupie. It’s about being with friends you are comfortable with and feel safe around.
9. Make hay– Be focused and achieve. By 30 you want to be reaping the benefits of the nest egg you prepared in your teens and twenties. Be on the look out for cash cows, that can provide you with multiple streams of income.
10. Dating Scene– Never be anxious about who is or where you’ll meet bae or boo. Secure your future in Christ, through prayer, fasting and the word, and at God’s time, he’ll bring your right match.
11. Flee the evil desires of youth– Aspire to live a life of high standard. Don’t partake in sinful acts you’ll regret later such as sexting, drugs, alcohol, fornication and the like. Ask God for the grace of purity.
12.  Parents– You won’t realise how much your parents mean to you until they are gone. So view them as people who want better for you. It’s tough love you can’t understand until you have kids.
13. Siblings– Everything you fight over or argue about  now won’t matter eventually. Healthy sibling relationships can form a solid rock of comfort and understanding for the future.
14. Health– Watch what you eat, and I can’t over emphasise-exercise. As you age,  the body starts to slack. But if you eat healthy and exercise from a young age, you’ll reap it later on. Get fit, Firm up.
15. Grow daily– Discover what’s good for you, and practice it.Neglect what’s bad for you and avoid it.

Your youth shall not be despised.

Remember to develop grit along the way- grin and bear it.

Never forget to  Live- Laugh-Love.

Be positive and keep your head above water.

*This post addresses the age bracket 13-29*



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