Does Your Team Have A Structure?

The overwhelming importance of teams to the success of organisations has been emphasised for some time. However, it appears that current research on teams focus on its dysfunction. The mechanistic view reduces teams to simple 'input-process-output machines', and holds that success depends on employing the right people, giving the right incentives and taking the right… Continue reading Does Your Team Have A Structure?


The Future of Education

Researchers Bettina West, Hélène Moore and Ben Barry review the use and effectiveness of the social media micro blogging platform; twitter in the education sector. Their article “Beyond the Tweet: Using Twitter to Enhance Engagement, Learning, and Success Among First-Year Students” published by the Journal of Education, explores how Twitter can be used to enhance… Continue reading The Future of Education

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Let’s Hook Up

One of the powers of social media is that it allows you to be yourself…..or anything else for that matter. The euphoria of having a platform where your voice can be heard or you can be seen, creates a completely different person to what everyone sees or supposedly knows “offline.” Emotional Engagement is taught in… Continue reading Let’s Hook Up

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Your CEO is on Twitter?

Florence Sayers of  CorpComms  wrote an article titled "The Social CEO.” In it, she questions if the CEO should be social, i.e. have an active presence on social media. Being a fan of social media – and I’ll fly its flag any day – I do agree that the modern CEO should actively participate. CEO’s… Continue reading Your CEO is on Twitter?


Engine Fatigue

The wind whipped, resulting in flushed-red marks across my cheeks. Freezing, cold air drained the warmth out of my body as howling winds screamed in my face. Black-leather shoes crunched underneath my feet. Decaying brown (once green) leaves lay scattered across the field signifying a change of seasons. The once lush trees transformed into spindly… Continue reading Engine Fatigue